Thursday, June 7, 2007

A legal dilemma...

The FHRC has come out once again with more verbal refuse, saying Fiji continues to be restricted by the legal dilemma of the legal status of the 5th December coup.

What dilemma? A coup is a coup. Illegal. Constituting treason. Punishable.

This current veto coup against a democratically elected government is wrong.

The courts must declare this illegality. Regardless of their political leanings they must uphold the law. They should never be selective in their administration of justice and prosecution of all coup-related crimes.

On this particular subject - there should be no dilemma.

On another subject - My prayers go out to the parents of Verebasaga, Rabaka, Malasebe and their families. I may not know the pain you all have gone through. I can only imagine. And I am so sorry.