Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An Already Corrupted Anti-Corruption Commission

I was so disgusted reading Justice Nazhat Shameem's public admission on her failure as DPP to persecute those involved in the NBF scam! So whats coming next in the years down the line - an apology for her role in the illegal suspension of the Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki?

Sounds familiar today doesn't it? Replace NBF with QEB and the manipulation of the justice system and the country's finances and its same old same old.

An Anti-Corruption Commission is an excellent venue for corruption issues and has been a long time coming but not only does it need the criteria listed by the apologetic Ms Shameem, it must be emphatic in its independence and led by people of high moral and professional ethics which can be likened to looking for a needle in the haystack amongst Fiji's current illegal regime - and this is the same group who nominates members of the Commission?

Forget it! - Any commission or board elected by this illegal regime will neither by independent nor honest!

Its like pissing against the wind!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Fiji Unions Show Their Strength

There has been an overwhelming response from the various Fiji unions with the majority of its members voting to go ahead with a strike.

Unfortunate as this may be, this is the time for decision-making. It is time for the country's largest workforce to make known their stand - that against diversity they stand as one. And it is a message the group of QEB-elected people should do well to take heed.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Intellligentsiya Runs Rings Around Fiji Military

I had to do a second post after listening to Teleni blubber on about the Military's IT experts tracing authors of the Intelligentsiya site.

That would have been a sight to see.

Can you imagine Bai, Teleni, Leweni, Driti etc grouped around a desktop which has the intelligentsiya site on screen? LOL. If the daily newspapers were'nt gagged or pulled up so regularly, I would personally ring their graphic artist/cartoonist and pay big bucks for a cartoon spread!!!

Intelligentsiya authors take a bow.

Pacific Island Family Stand To

There is some lining in the dark cloud that has descended on Fiji recently after all...look at the outcome of the Pacific Island Forum Leaders meeting recently held in Vanuatu on March 16 - read its outcomes report online.

What else is there to say but thank you Pacific Island leaders for standing up for the silent majority.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Witch Hunt of A Megalomaniac

The media is certainly running rings around the interim government and the military to wit.

I suppose carting members of the media to the 'torture chambers' at QEB for questioning is becoming the norm.

Yesterday saw William Parkinson and Vijay Narayan taken to QEB. These two are long time media stalwarts well known for their unbiased take on the news and current events. Before that was Mesake Koroi another media personality also well known for making his views known whether they be left or right wing. Other lesser known reports and photographers have walked the plank since.

Obviously freedom of the press is no more...

In other news related to the media, a public forum site on Fijivillage was taken offline yesterday because comments on the site were considered inflammatory. Can this get any worse? Are officers of the anti-corruption unit aware that a public forum site means exactly that - a site where the public is given a forum to voice their opinions.

Besides, shutting down the site is pretty stupid. With the amount of bloggers springing up - the site will be hosted elsewhere in no time. And it doesn't solve anything except try to salvage the egos of meglomaniacs

Monday, March 12, 2007

I feel for Fiji lawyers like Richard Naidu and Graham Leung who have tried to stand up against the fundamental assault on the Fiji constitution and the rule and law of democracy.

These two have been particularly vocal in voicing their opinion which is basically that of the many educated Fijians in the country.

They have always championed democracy and the constitutional mechanisms for addressing issues within the law.

But they are humans and have to think of their safety and that of their families.

I ask the Law Society to stand up as one behind their own and to continue condemning the rot and nepotism that has spread under the cover of the "clean-up" coup.

Your voice has to be heard. You were quiet during the suspension of the Chief Justice and his subsequent replacement.

You were slow to condemn the various human rights violations and abuse.

You are not Human Rights that's true. But where is Human Rights at home? Join the lone voice of Ms Ali. She is one voice but she is heard.

We don't need marches and placards. We need your quiet but consistent condemnation against everything that has happened.

And we are many. We are poor. We are nothing. But we look to people like you to stand up for that oath you took to protect people like us.