Thursday, April 19, 2007

EU Roadmap for Fiji's Return to Democracy

Another major neutral entity has made its stand!

Not only has the EU reconfirmed its committment to protecting the poor it has provided a compelling roadmap the IG must follow to pull this country of ours back from the brink of disaster. The roadmap essentially includes the guarantee of normal and independent functioning of constitutional institutions; preservation and the substantial independence and functioning of the Great Council of Chiefs; and that the independence of the judiciary be fully respected,

The IG must abide by the Constitution.

They have to. For the good of this country. For the good of our people.


Bai Ni Vore said...

is there a possibility of including Hearts n Minds ( in your links section? or is there a criteria i need to meet?


tres-desabuse said...

Link now included. Sorry for the delay in replying.:-)