Saturday, June 9, 2007

I salute you Graham Leung

I have just read Graham Leung's remarks at the 20th biennial LAWASIA conference and hope that all who read it, copy and redistribute it to as wide a forum as possible.

This is one man. Standing up for what he believes in.

He knows there will be a backlash. He knows he will be vilified - if not already. But he stood up at this forum full of his peers and he told it like it was. Without embellishment. He told the Truth.

If there is any time that is right for the people to realise that the coup is not what it seems. It is now.

We have to wake up from this lethargy.

I ask the Law Society to stand up as one behind their own on that march to freedom and democracy.

Your voice has to be heard. For us. Our children. Our grandchildren. Our future.

And we will listen. And we will follow.

Because we are many. We are poor. We are nothing. But we look to people like you to stand up for that oath you took to protect people like us.


Anonymous said...

Interim AG calls on Justice Ward to resign
Sunday June 10, 2007

Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
Fiji’s Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has called on the President of the Fiji Court of Appeal Justice Gordon Ward to resign.

In a statement Sayed-Khaiyum claims Justice Ward supported (lawyer) Graham Leung and wrote a letter to LAWASIA questioning as to why its president Mah Weng Kwai had taken the post of commissioner on at the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Sayed-Khaiyum said Justice Ward should immediately hand in his resignation and save "our judiciary and our nation at large from the onslaught waged by those such as him, Leung and other of their ilk."

He added it is a grave concern and Justice Ward has completely compromised his position, that of an independent judge.

"All these matters are before the courts and a senior judge making such pronouncements indicates that he is not independent, is partisan and clearly unfit to hear any such matters or matters that concern the Government, FICAC and indeed other members of the judiciary."

Sayed-Khaiyum added that his pronouncements as a senior judge will in all likelihood have an impact on the legal interpretations and actions of judges of the High Court and the Magistracy.

"It places our judiciary as a whole in an invidious position.

"Such actions of senior members of the judiciary as demonstrated through the 2000 experience invariably tend to cause a major damage to the independence of the judiciary," he said.

The Interim AG added that it is also of grave concern that he (Justice Ward) has brought the July session of the Fiji Court of Appeal forward given, "what can only be now termed as his very public political and legal leanings, in particular when two of the appeal matters which were to be heard in July session involve the Acting Chief Justice and a former Prime Minister and Commander of the RFMF."

According to Sayed-Khaiyum, on May 30 Justice Ward wrote to LAWASIA on the letter head of the Court of Appeal questioning as to why Mah had taken the position.

"In his letter amongst other things he stated that the events of December 5 was a ‘coup’, that our ‘President has no power to make laws’ and consequently made judgments about FICAC," he said.

Mah has confirmed that he will tender his resignation as commissioner of FICAC to the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo tomorrow.

Justice Ward and Leung are unavailable for comments


ex Fiji Tourist said...

Why can't this illegal little twit understand the meaning of ILLEGAL.

Just because someone gives a very accurate precise of the events in Fiji for the last six months, there is no need to have a dummy spit.

If he sat down for a few minutes and rang his girlfriend from FHRC, Shyser, to come over, surely they could talk it through and see that what they, and the junta is doing, is ILLEGAL.

The only person who needs to resign, is this illegal idiot who is making Fiji the laughing stock of the world.

Actually, the real reason for his dummy spit is that people ignored him in Hong Kong. I believe at one function when he walked over to a group of people, they all walked away.

So now he is upset. Oh dear! How sad! Too bad! never mind!

Luvei Ra said...

Yes I read Mr Leung's statement.
We need more LEUNGS and MADRAIWIWI
mentality in Fiji.
I totally agree with Ratu the opinions about the 2006 coup...which is an Indian coup and more to the Muslim edge of control.
Thanks for ya blog....found out about ya from Intelligentsiya:)

Anonymous said...

Adieu to Mr. Graham Leung for addressing the situation as it is and calling an "apple" and "apple" and a "pear" a "pear". And it would do the current Attorney General some good to assure himself that Mr. Kwai does have the full cognisance and faculties in place to understand that his acceptance of the post @ FICAC would come under severe interrogation, least of all from the local lawyer's organisation but from the international community at large. To blame Mr. Leung for helping Mr. Kwai along (which resulted in his resigning) is actually demeaning Mr. Kwai's mental ability to decide for himself whether his actions will or will not raise the ire of the legal fraternity.

And comments levelled at Rt. Joni regarding his presentation @ ANU is a load of hot air. As esteemed as his traditional position and a former high-court judge at that, it would do Neumi Leweni some good to first understand the mechanics of the law before deciding to label his comments as "inciteful".

Ahoo to Mr. Leung and Rt. Joni!

Anonymous said...

A National Day For Prayer. Say a prayer for Fiji tomorrow citizens.Thursday, June 14. I will be at Sukuna Park @ 1: p.m wearing black. Before you break for lunch, wherever you are say a prayer for all the suffering and hardship people are going through today, those without jobs, those without food and children who cannot go to school. Those who have lost loved ones, lets pray for them. Sa cakacaka tiko na vu ni ca e Viti. Meda masulaki na noda Viti lomani. Kemuni na noda mai vavalagi, please say a prayer at the appointed hour. If you can go without food on that day and break after your prayers, believe that there is power in prayer, then let God do the talking after that. Pass this message around.
God Bless Fiji.

TwatterJones said...

Is that the same Graham Leung who was, as a young lawyer, caught by his wife in an intimate moment with his then boss, the Attorney General of Fiji and who is gay, but does not like to admit it :))

Children of Fiji said...

Almost 07 months after Tui posted his comments - Fiji appears to be on its knees again, this time not from 'power hungry mongers' it is 'National Disaster' Graham Leung has again written an awesome article on his analysis of the almost the precise position Fiji is in at this point in time. In his article titled 'Alice in Blonderland' which appeared on Fiji Times online 20/01/2009 is evident of how Fiji has spiralled downwards to the deep end in terms of Economy, Governance, Sufferings of the people, joblessness & hopelessness etc etc.....!!!

Lets revisit & indeed follow what Tui suggested in his postings 07 months ago.Fiji people indeed need our Prayers in Bucket Loads.


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